Shoe-In Money Inside Look at Modules & Action Plans

Shoeinmoney Inside Look

For your viewing pleasure, I have complied the complete list of what you are getting inside of the ShoeInMoney programme. Check out the full contents of the Shoe-In Money system, the modules, the sub modules, and the 30 day plan below.

 Shoe InMoney Module 1

  • 10 Things That Work (and 20 that Don’t)

  • Leverage What Other People Are Doing

An introduction into what online & affiliate marketing is all about. Shoeinmoney teaches you the tools and techniques that the top marketers are putting into practice, and how you need to build momentum and leverage. Many internet marketers are making a six figure income, while if you make silly mistakes you will not succeed in this game. Get it right first time round, solid clear guidlines from shoeinmoney.

ShoeinMoney Module 2

  • What Can You Promote?

  • Clickbank 101

  • Choosing a Product to Promote on Clickbank

  • How People Make Money As Affiliates

Getting to understand your market and the what Clickbank can do for you. So you will learn what Clickbank is, an online marketplace that you can pick your products from to promote. And a ground up understanding to how to operate on Clickbank, make sure you understand Clickbank inside out, as its very important. Then you move on to how the affiliates are churning their work into cold hard cash – all will be revealed, and you can follow it along the way.

Shoeinmoney Module 3

  • Creating a Persona: Who Are You?

  • Creating a Persona: What’s Your Niche? 

  • Choose Your Vehicle

  • Create a Powerful Message

You need to understand that who you are is extremely important to your success online. Work out what you are good at, what do you love to do, what can you write about or talk about all day? Don’t get caught in choosing a niche that is following others if your not genuinely interested in it, as it will show in your work and the results will speak volumes. Once you understand your niche and your markets, its time to choose how you are going to get your message across. Shoeinmoney will show you how to carry that message, be it in a blog, website, google, pinterest, twitter, facebook, forums or a ton of other options. A particularly important module this is, and probably worth the price of the course alone.

Shoeinmoney module 4

  • Relationship Building Online

  • Social Tools of the Trade

  • Getting Started on Facebook

  • Advertising on Facebook

In Shoe-In Money module 4 you will learn why its important to get ‘connected’ online. You need ‘networks of power’, and you will learn just how to get yourself out their and with a strong presence. Once you get your social pages up and running, they will be set up for life and just grow, so its worth really putting a focus on this section. Facebook is key to your social presence, and ShoeInMoney breaks it down so you can just follow through step by step on what you need to do.

Shoeinmoney module 5

  • The Three P’s of Persuasion

  • How to Use Pain to Persuade

  • Show Them the Potential

  • Prove It

  • Copywriting Tips and Techniques

A fantacic module really digging down into understanding what people want and how to sell it to them. Even if you think you have seen this stuff before, trust me, the way Schoemoney does it himself is an eye opener. Shoeinmoney shows us how to get into the mind of our customers, why they should buy our products, what it will do to solve their problem and you learn how the top dogs are writing their copy.

Shoeinmoney module 6

  • WordPress Basics

  • Tweaking WordPress to Your Needs

  • Content Shortcuts

  • Getting Better Deals with Advertisers

  • Compliance and Legal Issues

WordPress is your holy grail when it comes to getting yourself up and running with a site quickly and efficiently online. Jeremy shows you step by step how to get started in WordPress, and unleash its awesome power to your full advantage. Even if you think your a ‘tech dummy’, trust me, shoeinmoney shows you how in no time at all to get up and running with your first site on WordPress. This section also covers how to get articles and information or content as we call it, generated quickly and with ease. You will be shown just how to ‘shortcut’ your way to building a very profitable site.

Shoeinmoney module 7

  • Inbound Marketing – Going Organic

  • Blog Posts

  • Webinars and Video Posts

  • Ads and Reviews

  • Facebook and Twitter

  • White Papers

  • Free eBooks and Reports

  • Consultations

  • Comments and Forums

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Paid Traffic – Warnings and Opportunities

  • Creative Sources of Traffic

Now you have a sound understanding of how to get yourself making money online with the ShoeInMoney system, you will be introduced to how to get the most out of your sites and push them to their limits. This section of shoeinmoney covers the real techniques in squeezing your site to generate cash, and the tools and techniques that advanced affiliate marketers are using. I was particularly impressed with the quality and content of this section, even though I would say I am quite proficient in affiliate marketing I myself was taught some new tricks I will be implementing right away.

30 Day Action Plan

Now that the Shoe In Money system has taught you how to get running and exactly the steps Jeremy Shoemaker uses himself, its time to put it into action. This fantastic, easy to follow 30 day plan is a gift. Seriously stay focused and follow it, every day you will have clear defined tasks and objectives to break down and follow. Once you actually follow this plan of action, you will see yourself it is actually very achievable by any of you.

Day 1 – Find Your Focus
Day 2 – Target a Product
Day 3 – Persona Crafting
Day 4 – What’s Your Vehicle?
Day 5 – What’s Your Message?
Day 6 – Populate Your Online Presence
Day 7 – Build a Blog
Day 8 – Install WordPress and Create Your First Site
Day 9 – Research Competitors
Day 10 – Create Your Email List
Day 11 – Content Time
Day 12 – Populate Your List
Day 13 – Create a Facebook/Twitter Plan
Day 14 – Find the Pain
Day 15 – Write a Pitch
Day 16 – Populate Your Site
Day 17 – Reach Out to Other Marketers
Day 18 – Network, Network, Network
Day 19 – Identify a Unique Advantage and EXPLOIT It
Day 20 – Monetize!
Day 21 – SEO in a Day
Day 22 – Guest Posts
Day 23 – 10 Other Content Marketing Tactics
Day 24 – Is It Time to Spend Money?
Day 25 – Blitzing the Social Scene
Day 26 – Turning Up the Heat on Media and PR
Day 27 – Measuring Success in 1 Month
Day 28 – Creating a Second Site
Day 29 – Connecting Your Sites
Day 30 – Month 1 Down – Time to Replicate!

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